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The conceptual phase is where the possibilities are imagined and are typically illustrated to give a general idea of what is possible. This is the phase where one would see rough sketches or concept art to better grasp what the final product would be like. In the conceptual phase many things can change between the design phase to build out. 

Structural Plans

Once the general idea has been established, the rough sketches are brought into line with specific measurements and calculations to make the final product possible. The Structural plans make sure that the integrity of the concept and the feasibility of the project are solid before moving forward in the next phase of the project. The next step once the structural plans are in place and are approved is filling and pulling the permits necessary to make the idea a reality. 


Permitting is a process that can take quite a bit of time. PCC will handle all the headaches that deal with pulling and filling permits, making it easier for you to focus on the big picture. Permitting gives us the proper clearances and makes sure that the project is up to code and ensures the safety and longevity of the final product. Typically permitting is one of the final steps before construction takes place to build out a project.


    We can help you create your vision. From conception to permitting and build out, we will handle the headaches while you focus on the big picture.


    Know your property lines, where they start and where they end. Allowing us to know the full extent of where we can and cannot build, helps with finalizing details. 

    We discuss the pros and cons of the many available options to help you find a window or door that suits your specific needs within your budget.


    We want to make sure we are building it right. Looking at the type of soil that we are building upon allows us to make the necessary adjustments to build out your vision. 


    Compaction reports let us know how prepare the ground for building foundations. Understanding how the building will effect the surrounding area, specifically the ground beneath it, allows us to build with safety in mind. 


    Grading Reports ensures that we are building on level or leveled ground to ensure the structural integrity of the project. On some projects soil may have to be reenforced with other materials to create a strong base to build on. 


    Our operations team will help guide and set the tempo for the project and will be the point of contact of letting you know what is happening every step of the way. Taking care of the moving pieces of the project to best coordinate them to your schedule. 

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