Everyone could use a little more space in their home.

Looking in all directions—addition in the back, another floor on top, or finished basement below—one area that often gets ignored is the garage.

If a full-scale garage conversion doesn’t fit your budget or your plans, you can still make your garage more comfortable. Create an open-air pub, wine bar, workshop or just a general gathering spot for hangouts with friends and neighbors.

Our Specialties Include:

Layout Architecture


Site Preparation


Non load-bearing walls should be added around areas you do not wish to see, such as the water heater, furnace, laundry area, or storage.


The plumbing aspect of the garage conversion tends to be the most complex factor. Supplying water to the garage is easy; the tricky part is drainage. 


Any proper garage hangout space needs a screen for movies, Sunday afternoon sports or for gaming with friends. Add a Wi-Fi booster to improve the signal quality to the garage. 

Drywall, Plaster, & Paint

Drywall covers the plumbing, electrical, and insulation of your home. Orange peel is the most popular but smooth finishes are also available. Choose any colors you’d like, but white really opens up a room and gives the illusion of a larger room.

Loft or Sleeping Area

Also known as a mezzanine area, lofts can add a suitable sleeping area above
the bathroom section on the bottom level. Can also be a study section.


The best type of flooring for garage conversions is vinyl because they’re water proof. We always install correctly by placing a moisture barrier over concrete before laying flooring.


Custom minimalist kitchen with all the necessities of a full size plan.

Laundry Area

Stackable wash towers are the best use for limited space. They often hold the same amount of laundry with half of the space.


Bathrooms are generally near laundry areas to access the same drain system. Simple bathroom consist of a shower/tub combo for space conservation.



Adding square footage can affect the perfomance of your original utility devices. HVAC systems generally aren’t designed to add 400+ square feet and water heaters can take even longer to replenish the hot water used in your new living space. Upgrading your utility projects can solve these problems.

Tankless Water Heater

The most complex part of a garage conversion is the plumbing. Supplying water to the garage is easy; the tricky part is drainage. If you have a laundry room connected to your garage, we may be able to turn it into a bathroom for supplying almost an endless amount of hot water.

Mini Splits HVAC

Mini splits are known to be much more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems.

Custom Windows and Doors

Did you know you can customize your window’s shape, size, and materials? Based on your budget, wants and needs, we can customize a window plan just for you. All windows and doors are manufactured in California and are guaranteed to meet California’s high efficiency standards. We offer installation on all the major window & door brands like Cristal Pacific, ATI, and Milgard. Ask about our window upgrades today!